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It's been a while.


I know it has been quite a while since I last posted on this blog. A lot has happened since then. I'm still in college, in my sophomore year. I've done really well, maintaining a GPA of 3.73. Providing no changes (my school is undergoing some major changes to their programs and curriculum), I will graduate with my Associate's degree on 12/12/12 (interesting date!) and continue on toward my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.

College has been an interesting experience. It was a step that I just wasn't prepared to take before I received my middle ear implant. I've done very well in most of my classes, with no problems hearing and understanding my professors. Only one class was a particular struggle; my professor was a very soft-spoken male. The class was very fast-paced and required extensive note-taking. I burst into tears within the first 20 minutes of class. But, thankfully, the professor was understanding of my plight and we worked out a system that kept me up to speed. It's still surreal - knowing that the Esteem helped me to achieve my dream of going to college, and even in maintaining the highest GPA in my class.

Though my Esteem implant has become a normal part of me, I still run across those little moments that leave me in awe of my improved hearing. I still get giddy over hearing the crackle of static electricity when I'm folding up freshly dried laundry. Yesterday, when I took the puppy outside to use the bathroom, I noticed I could hear and recognize every word of the song my 12 year old daughter was listening to on the radio inside. The other day, my husband was listening to my iPod with my headphones, and I could clearly hear every word. The past few days, I couldn't help but laugh as I hear my Boxer puppy snoring, or smile when I hear the kitten purring. My husband sometimes finds himself baffled when I can hear some sounds better than he can. I still feel impressed when I hear the train rumbling through town several miles away or hear the fire whistle go off in another town. The Esteem continues to be a such a huge blessing, and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

I apologize for getting so behind on all the comments and messages. I really enjoy hearing from everyone, and I'm stepping up my efforts to reply back!




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