Building My Self Esteem

My journey with the Envoy Esteem hearing implant clinical study

I am a 30 year old married mom of three daughters, and two stepdaughters. I was born with a moderate/severe hearing loss in both ears. I've always hated wearing hearing aids, and I was very self-conscious of them during my school years. My hearing aids weren't much help anyway, they would amplify sounds, but that didn't make conversations any easier to understand. My audiologist once told me that one day, break-through technology could change the lives of hard of hearing people forever. That day has come for me. The purpose of this journal is to record my experience as a participant in a clinical study of a new middle ear implant called the Esteem. This study is sponsored by Envoy Medical Corporation. I hope my experience can help to shed some light on the many questions that future hopeful candidates will have.

***Please note that this journal contains my personal experience and views only. This journal is in no way endorsed by Envoy Medical Corporation, nor The Ear Center of Greensboro, North Carolina. Some excerpts and descriptions have been copied from literature supplied by Envoy, to ensure the most accurate descriptions possible. Any mistakes are unintentional, and I will correct them as soon as they are brought to my attention.